Wednesday, February 11, 2009


finally....after 2 years of lazing around and being laughed by my so call "good buddies" i finally PASS THE FREAKING UNDANG TEST!!!!!!HOOOOOO!!!!!!!got 43 correct out of 50 but aiya who cares la,you think taking upsr phase 1 of rampaging the road is now complete muahahahaha!! >=D

but then need to go sit for another 6 hours of ass-hurting lecture again la -.- what a waste of time man,it's not like anyone is gonna pay attention and listen.if you really do pay attention,you must be freaking omg insane! =O

i am gonna burn something tonight,guess what it is,hehehehe.........

till then....


Friday, January 30, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year

happy chinese new year people,i almost forgot that i owned a blog...lols?well kinda spend the whole week in my kampung good old JB and singapore.3 more days and it's back to college again,images of assignments and lecture notes are already forming in my head now...damn!!so everyone please enjoy your chinese new year as soon as possible,don't mind the weight,eat all you want!play all you want!lose the weight after chinese new year la

till then...


Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Good Old New Year Again Eh?

wow,i just realized that it's been uber-ly long since i last updated mon amis!!!hmm,in a flash it's another new year liao,yea even i couldn't believe it myself just seems like yesterday when i just went to KDU for the first time,met some new friends,turned 18 last year,eat my last donuts of 2008(i did have donuts again though yesterday!!),eat my last burger of 2008...etc to all you xiao di di and xiao mei mei,leng chais and leng luis,ah gongs and ah mas who are reading this,HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! it ain't that late to say that eh?we are only 6 days into 2009! xD

went to college this morning for briefing and met up with the old the new timetable for the next sem which starts next week and boy what a WOW timetable for only 3 subjects but what you expect la,short sem ma.i thought it was suppose to be a relaxing sem T.T

looking forward to this new sem and new year,hope everything goes well along the year and hopefully i will have my limbs and mind intact at the end of this year =)

oh well till then........


Friday, December 12, 2008


went for a "gathering" with some old pals today at 1U but it was a sucky one.... ><" the supposed organizer didn't turn up and some people didn't show up as well. we were loitering around gsc for like half an hour deciding what to watch? and alas we watch separate films separately pulak,some go watch Wild Child while me and jo-anne go watch Bolt.
ps : i like the insane/fat hamster Rhino

we watched the movie with 3 D glasses man but it doesn't really make any difference...i think.but i think those glasses were cool and i even thought of stealing it...hehe(sorry,evil thought just pop in!) BUT i realise that i have no handbags and the gsc crew are just waiting outside to collect the 3 D glasses and so i did not commit this act of evilness. =D

overall the movie was ok,i find it a bit touching in the ending.and after the movie,i decided to balik rumah!!sorry folks for not saying goodbye face to face,i apologise here(if you are reading) =(

ahhhh,6.40 liao,time for football!!!till then.....


Monday, December 1, 2008

Habis Liao!!!


and it's time to say bye bye to sem 2 : you've been shite,nice knowing you =D



till then......


Monday, November 24, 2008


finally,all my assignments are done,finally i can update my blog(nah,i was just being lazy haha),finally i am HAVING MY FINALS,time really seems to fly so fast....starting my finals tomorrow with copywriting follow up by critical thinking on wednesday then MRM on friday and finally MCS on next monday.i seriously think that i am not ready for the i wish time can just turn back but at the same time,i want this sem to end quickly (oh my,the voices in my head.... ><") horrible sem if you ask me although i got a feeling that next sem isn't gonna be any good either.haih,gotta go study now although i know last minute studying isn't gonna help much but at least it might help a little?

come on come on Shang Wei,just bear a few days and it's freakingly Beckenbauer-ly OVER!!!

till then....


Sunday, October 26, 2008

The End


Chelsea's 86 unbeaten run at Stamford Bridge has ended.....

but i gotta admit Liverpool were the better team today and i rather Chelsea lost that record to Liverpool than to ManU,oh well,thats football.till then.......